Dr. Renjith Raj

CEO & Managing Partner | Business Coach

Prabeesh Mohan

Managing Partner | Business Coach

Consulting Team

Sarath Kumar S

Principal Consultant - Management

Riyaz Abdul Latheef

Principal Consultant - Finance

Shanu Kabeer

Senior Management Consultant

Dinu A D

Senior Management Consultant

Elbin Joy

Management Consultant

Shibin U K

Senior Managements Consultant

Ansil Irshad

Senior Management Consultant

Aneesh V Kammath

Senior Accounts Consultant

Our Panel Team

Strategic Consultants

Management Consultants

Financial Consultants

Research Consultants

Company Secretary

Chartered Accountant

Branding Consultant

Legal Consultants

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We offer you the best employer friendly experience in Paddle Business Consultants. Experience the all new working systems and change your perception about your career. Our human resource management mainly focuses on identifying, recruiting and training those people who already share a common ground: the drive to perform, the zeal to deliver, always at the pulse of the market and the clients’ needs.